In a world that seems to have forgotten the bodies’ ability to heal itself I have joined an ever-increasing movement of people who are promoting just that. 

Don’t get me wrong, I think medicine is a wonderful thing…when it’s truly needed.  But, in my opinion, we are relying more and more on medications and surgeries for ailments that could largely be prevented, or reduced/eliminated, through modifications in lifestyle and behavior.

I heard Joe Dispenza say that “fewer than 5% of people on the planet are born with some genetic condition e.g. Type 1 diabetes, Down Syndrome, or sickle cell anemia. The other 95% of us who develop conditions acquire it through lifestyle and behaviors.”

To me then it makes sense that modifying one’s lifestyle and behaviors to align with moving towards an optimal functional body is a no brainer.

To me it makes sense that modifying one’s lifestyle and behaviors to align with moving towards an optimal functional body is a no brainer.

Are you drinking enough water?  Are you getting enough quality sleep? Are you breathing diaphragmatically?  What are your stress levels like?  What are you nourishing your body with?  How are you moving your body?

All the above lifestyle choices and behaviors are key determinants in the health outcomes of our bodies.  I would love to get to a point where these questions are being asked consistently by our health practitioners.  However, it seems to me that we focus too much on symptoms, and treatments to mask those symptoms, rather than looking at what the root causes are.

But this would require a collective shift in the mindset of both patient and medical professional.  But mostly the patient.

Your health is your responsibility. 

That’s one of the things I love about using The Egoscue Method with my clients.  They know that to get results, they need to get involved and take responsibility for their actions.  The outcomes are a result of how aligned your actions are with your goals. 

I’m not there as “the expert” to tell you what to do.  I prefer to think of my role more as a guide or a facilitator.  After all, you know your body best. You’re in it, you feel it, you know what’s going on.  I help you draw that out, together we look at what your body is telling you and work out what exercises are going to work best for you at that time.

The Egoscue Method looks at your body as a unit.  You may come along because your shoulder is constantly sore and has limited range of motion, but my focus is not your shoulder.  Together we will look at what is happening with your head, your shoulders, your pelvis, your hips, your knees, and your ankles…all the loading joints.  I may give you an e-cise of contracting your glutes while one foot is front of the other (aka butt squeezes) and then get you to test your shoulder range of motion again.  You’ll look at me with a surprised face wondering how on earth butt squeezes made your shoulder pain decrease or go away and improved your range of motion.

I’ll laugh delightedly and say “Magic!” but now we both now that what goes on in the upper half of your body has an impact on the lower half…and vice versa.  

To reduce/eliminate pain and move more functionally we need to realign your bones.  We do this by working with your muscles…after all, as Pete Egoscue said “Your muscles tell your bones what to do”.

The journey we take with on Postural Alignment is as follows – Recover – Restore – Retain and Strengthen

If this is a journey you’d like to explore then start with our 7 Day Trial Program.

I look forward to being part of your journey.