“Osteoarthritis, the irreversible damage to joint surfaces is often referred to as “wear and tear”.  Occurring with one hundred percent certainty in all humans over the age of 40 years, it is the joint’s rate of wear that dictates the need for interventional treatment. 

A consistent association of the wear process is the reduction and ultimate loss of lubricating fluid (synovial fluid) in the joint.  The consequence of a fluid depleted joint environ is accelerated and progressive joint wear. 

Current interventional therapies are aimed at retarding the rate at which progressive wear in osteoarthritis occurs.”  

These are the words of Dr. P Heaton – Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

A link to the article he wrote in relation to Arthritis and Cyclo-ssage Therapy is here if you would like to read it all. More words of his below.

Based on my learnings in Postural Alignment with the Egoscue Institute, I do have some thoughts and a different perspective on the inevitably of osteoarthritis but that will come in the next email or two. 

For now, I think it’s important to highlight the points of “wear and tear” (think postural misalignments creating abnormal wear and tear – do you have any postural misalignments that could be contributing?) and loss of synovial fluid production (think foods and movements that promote synovial fluid production – are you eating them and doing the movements?).  

Dr Heaton has also observed that Cyclo-ssage Therapy (aka Pro Personal Therapy System or ppts) “provides accelerated healing firstly through increasing blood flow to the limb and affected joint.  This enhances delivery of nutrients and healing factors (growth factors) to the joint, retarding the patient’s progression through the stages of osteoarthritis.”  

(Side note from blog author: in order to optimise delivery of nutrients it makes sense to me that we would need to be providing the body with the nutrients it needs, too often people are missing out on key nutrients through poor nutrition choices)

Dr Heaton continues…“Secondly, used on a regular basis ppts stimulates cellular metabolism and increases cell turnover rates. These manifest as drainage of joint fluid swelling in the inflammatory phase of OA, and increased secretion of joint fluid (through increase of fluid secreting cells) in the stages of poor lubrication. 

Thirdly, the relaxation effect of a session of ppts has often been reported by my patients as “relieving the night time muscle spasms.

Through these mechanisms, ppts relieves osteoarthritic joint pain and stiffness. My patients have reported improvements in their physical strength and quality of life following ppts treatments.

Although, ppts is principally suited for patients in the earlier stages of OA, patients with advanced end stage OA and particularly those who have undergone joint replacements would benefit from the
healing potential of ppts. 

The potential of ppts contributing to the maximisation of the rehabilitation of the post-­­surgical patient is an exciting proposition for the future.”

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