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Live Pain Free with Cyclossage

At 360 RNR we believe that pain doesn’t have to rule your life. We can help you relieve your pain but we also encourage you to take back control of your health and wellbeing by tackling your pain from an holistic perspective.

Cyclo-Ssage - Oscillation Therapy
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Designed as a pain relief alternative to medication, the Cyclo-ssage Therapy System uses a combination of cycloidal oscillation and infrared heat to alleviate the secondary symptoms of many health conditions as well as optimising sports performance and recovery.



The foods we eat play a role in pain and inflammation. We believe it’s this simple…focus on whole and real foods, plenty of fruits & vegetables, eliminate the junk our bodies just aren’t designed to process, and boost your nutrient intake, where needed, through supplementation.  We have some Nutrition courses coming soon but for now why not check out our recommended resources here.



As a Postural Alignment Specialist using the Egoscue Method, the goal is to help you eliminate pain and enjoy an active life.  Bypassing symptoms and addressing the root cause of your discomfort, you will be given a sequence of gentle exercises you can do at home to encourage your muscles to realign your bones to their optimal position allowing your body to move more freely and without pain.  

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What People Are Saying

Jonno Managh

Hi my name is Jonno and I use cyclossage to alleviate symptoms from osteoarthritis. The level of flexibility that has returned to my body since using cyclossage is wicked, cycling is now a joy physically and mentally! If I don’t use cyclossage routinely, the build up of junk in my body causes more inflammation, and thus pain. Cyclossage is the fountain of youth! It’s so good, I recommended it to my mother in law, she reckons it’s fab!

Joy Hewitt

I first tried out the Cyclo-Ssage back in July 2018, and despite being initially sceptical, I was totally blown away by the results after just my first session! As a bit of background, I’d spent 11 years with regular lower back aches, resulting in migraines every couple of months, and had just accepted it as part of everyday life. As we often do! I couldn’t lie on my back as it would tense up and was very uncomfortable. Anything that involved bending over for any length of time, i.e mowing lawns, gardening, vacuuming would stiffen my lower back and result in a headache or migraine. After my first 30minute session – which was complete bliss and I admit to struggling to stay awake – I just felt relaxed. It was not until that evening that it actually dawned on me I hadn’t felt my back all afternoon. Seriously?? I thought it would go back to normal the following day…but no. Not long after, I went on a scuba diving holiday to Fiji and really noticed the difference in how ‘freed up’ my back felt, and the absent dull ache I had become accustomed to over the years. It wasn’t until almost 4 weeks later, while awkwardly moving to the edge of a boat in full dive gear that I felt that ache return. So, upon my return to NZ, I went in for another session, and almost straight away noticed the difference. For me, the Cyclo-Ssage really does free up my back, while taking away the ache, so I no longer use painkillers as I used to. Sold, love it, and would totally recommend this to ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Kat Soper

I first used the Cyclo-ssage back in March 2019 when I hurt my back and could hardly walk. I was in agony so a friend (who swears by it) recommended I give it a try. I did a 30 minute session. At the beginning of the session (when I arrived) I could hardly smile or get on the bed. After the session I just felt different – and could actually joke. But the real change came later that day. After 2 days of intense pain I started to feel able to stand and walk again. The next day I felt even more free to move. I went again later that week and improved again so much that I no longer felt like I had to go to the Physio. So I’m hooked! Highly recommend giving it a try if you’re experiencing any pain.

Rosemary Flood

Evening Helen, sorry for the late txt, it’s been super busy today. I just wanted to let you know I had the best sleep after my cyclo-ssage yesterday. I slept all the way through without waking, which was the first time in over a week. I have been practically painfree all day. Thank you so much Helen, it worked a treat!


Recently I had the opportunity to have a Cyclo-Ssage session. Before my session I had never heard of this practice. Attending the session we discussed my areas of pain and the process of this session. Once I had a full understanding the arthritis map was selected and the relaxation began…

12 years post ACL, now full arthritis in my knee from sports injury and not one to take prescription drugs as I am constantly in pain – I was open minded and keen to give it a go!

30 min session felt like bliss. The heat and vibrations I felt zone in on my knee. Post session for the first time in 6+ years I have NO pain in my knee. I can’t even feel its there. So much so I walked the wainui hill to make sure the feeling I felt was real. Up and down the hill my lower back wasn’t sore, my knee wasn’t sore and couldn’t even tell I had knee issues. Spent the day at work (sit down job) back was fine. The next day I still have no pain in my knees or lower body. Slight tight upper body-but I’ve also had a full body workout.

Knowledge is a powerful thing. If you know what works – stick to it! I for one and going to have another session to see the on going affects as so far I am convinced this is the way of pain free Hayley for the future.

Appreciate your time and service

Martine Carroll

I am a Personal Trainer and a group fitness instructor and been in the fitness industry for over 30 years.
As a result of years of repetitive moves I have struggled with knee pain and issues with mobility in my shoulder.
I also felt very clunky with the way I walked.
I had assessment with Helen and as a result she designed a program to improve these issues. After just 1 week I found movement much more effortless and “clunky”. I had no knee pain at all.
I now am able to squat deeper without pain. I am walking taller with ease and grace. My shoulder mobility has improved a lot.
I continue to work with the Helen and the Egoscue Method exercises to continue keeping my body moving with flexibility and agility.
It has also enhanced the other things I do for training due t the postural improvement.
I highly recommend having an analysis and program designed to anyone that is looking to feel stronger, fitter more free with their day to day movements.


I have been going to Helen for just on a year now. I have loved the two systems Cyclo-ssage (yes try to get your mouth around that), I found this systems not only relaxing but works with the pain issues I was having. The second system is one of my all time favourites, and with my body, I have been seeing physios now for over half my life, with little to no success, and the amount of time and money spent on them – don’t get me started. I started with Egoscue in December 21, and in a few weeks saw changes in my posture, and straighten up. Helen works not only to find the best stretches that helps your body heal, but also the gives you a couple so if you need to do a short workout if you are short on time, and a longer one for other days. Since I started, I have come down with Covid, which took some time energy away from me, and in this time my injured shoulder, which had been getting better turned so bad I couldn’t do anything without pain. I got back into the program yesterday, and by this morning my shoulder was showing improvement, and after this mornings workout, I feel it is even more of an improvement… I’m angry at myself for the break I had, but man, I can honestly say, this works… and I feel so much better… I can’t recommend this system enough…… thanks Helen, for getting me onto this!

Excellent4.9 Based on 9 reviews from review us onPip Allan ★★★★★ "I came across Cyclo-sage at 360 RNR Hutt Valley when I was trolling through Grabone. I decided to give it a go because I liked the idea of heat and massage (vibration). After using the Cyclo-ssage Therapy system I found my hip pain was kept at a tolerable level and was able to drop one of my pain killers. I also found I was able to relax. I love using the Cyclo-ssage Therapy System to help manage my pain. " -Pip AllanAnna McKinlay ★★★★★ I am very happy to recommend Helen Jackson of 360 RNR, and her Cyclossage service. Helen has a passion for health and wellbeing, and really knows her stuff.The Cyclossage has helped me accelerate my healing, while at the same time boosting my energy.A few weeks ago I sprained my wrist quite badly - I was hardly able to use my right hand for quite a while. Even with a brace, the healing was frustratingly slow.A couple of Cyclossage sessions with 360 RNR have led to a significant and noticeable improvement. I am able to use my hand a lot more - I can type again! - and I'm finding I need the brace. Much less. This has definitely brought forward my recovery :-)Thank you Helen!Ree Futter ★★★★★ I was talking to my personal trainer one day and she recommended I go and see Helen. So I did.It is one of the best things I have ever done for myself.I have had a pinched nerve for 4 years and this has hindered what I do in some circumstances and especially at the gym. For the first time I am starting to notice change in the pinched nerve and now have some hope it may disappear one day. But even if it doesn't, I'm so much stronger because my posture is improving.I have been truly amazed at how this programme has worked for me. I am even more amazed that this has been from doing exercises hand picked for me to do by myself. No fancy gadgets required, just myself. It is all about Helen observing and listening to me and advising me what to do then me going away and doing the work.I would recommend working with Helen and the Egoscue method to anyone. Helen takes the care to really see what is going on for you as an individual and helps all the way.It has been a big learning curve for me and in fact I'd say life changing. Moving forward this will be a part of my daily routine. I know this will help me move into my more mature years with a stronger, more agile body.Stacey Power ★★★★★ Ok - not because I have my arm twisted up my back…. Cause it can’t…. And that’s is a reason why Helen is my person!I know a lot about my body and that bodies compensate issues - it’s own self defence.But Helen Jackson blew me away on the first appointment!Her sharp eye sees where problems are and her amazing training has taught her how to alter those problems! You stick to the schedule (we learnt short cuts don’t work) and you find yourself not only having shock revelations, but the knowledge and amazing skills you learn from a person that wants to cure the world - one crooked person at a time.I enjoy my time with Helen - she’s got me down to one hour now… and although you might be conscious of how you look in the photos she only sees your body alignment. I love seeing Helens face when she sees improvement and she is so excited to share how you have improved.I highly recommend this chick to straighten up your act!T Lepou ★★★★☆ Still early days but so far, I'm feeling great. Don't get me wrong, my aches and pains haven't totally gone but they are definitely lessening. Helen is great, great advice for my physical and mental wellbeing. I recommend to anyone that has those annoying niggles, to give this a go!!Barbara Whittington ★★★★★ Cyclo-ssage is wonderful. I originally went to see if it would help my (admittedly minor) arthritis. It did, but after a couple of sessions I found that a nagging pain in my neck that had been an issue for some time had also gone. And it's great for fending off sore muscles after a hard work-out at the gym ,or in the garden. So relaxing....Kaeli Bunt ★★★★★ Cyclosage is amazing! great pain relief and fabulous service from Helen <3Barbara Carruthers ★★★★★ The 30 minute sessions are so relaxing and I've noticed that for several days afterwards I have way more energy than normal. Booking with Helen is easy and I would recommend that everyone give it a go.Kat Soper ★★★★★ I initially was recommended to get in touch with Helen when I hurt my back and couldn't walk. A few days before I tried the therapy bed I'd been to the physio who'd said I'd done a good job and would probably need about 12 weeks of treatment with her. I went back to the physio after using the bed once and she couldn't believe the difference. Nor could I! After the first session my pain was reduced and within a few hours I could walk and bend more freely again. I have been back many times since and would highly recommend it.js_loader

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Live Pain Free with Cyclossage

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